Ellie and Ada

Ellie And Ada is an Irish Textile Company specialising in hand dyed yarn and fibre, fabric design and illustrated stationery and prints. Laura Hogan is a graduate of DLIAT Fine Art and also a graduate of NCAD Printed Textiles. She has a great passion for textiles and colour. An avid knitter from a young age, she was taught by her aunt and grandmother. Dyeing yarn and learning how to spin yarn seemed like a natural progression in her love of knitting. Ellie And Ada are the names of Laura's two grandmothers. She choose to name this venture after her two grandmothers to commemorate their unique personalities, their love of beautiful things, tasty treats and their true grit, all qualities, she enjoys remembering and which inspire her days and designs. Ellie And Ada Yarns are dyed with acid dyes. Acid dyes are made to dye wool, silk and other protein fibres. Acid dyes are local impact dyes. Household white vinegar is used in the process of setting the dyes and helps the dyes become full strength.

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