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All your blocking materials

Friday, April 8th, 2016


We have everything you could possibly need here in the shop in order to block your knit or crochet items to give them a really professional finish.



Of all the blocking wires I have tried,  the Lazadas are my favourite.  Apart from the fact that they do a great job, they also fold up into a tiny but sturdy bag 5.5″ X 7.5″ which then folds flat.  No more 3-metre tubes!  This particular set comes with the following:

4 blocking wires 35″  (90cm) long

3 blocking wires 70″  (180cm) long

30 nickle-plated T-pins.

We also stock Eucalan no rinse delicate wash in both 100ml and 500ml bottles.  In fact you can bring back the 500ml bottles for refills, which is good for the planet and also your pocket.

Finally we have T-pins which can be purchased separately.

Lazadas Blocking Wire Set Reviews

Thursday, May 8th, 2014


Lazadas Blocking Wires

Lazadas Blocking Wires

Lazadas Blocking wire set

Lazadas Blocking wire set

These very flexible blocking wires are much easier to use that the straight blocking wires and they give a very professional finish to your knitted and crocheted garments.

Some excerpts from reviews of the Lazadas Blocking Wire sets:

“I would highly recommend Lazadas Blocking Wires.  The package is small enough to be portable – with the gusset folded flat, it can easily flat.  At the same time, it stands up so you can find it on your shelf.  The wires are very flexible and easy to uncoil and recoil (carefully, that is).  The T-pins can easily be positioned so that they hold the wires in place. The instructions are straightforward and effective.”  Underground Crafter.

“Not bad… in fact, awesome!  These flexible blocking wires are my new favorite toys!”.  Dayana Knits

Blocking wires, lace & regular, back in stock.

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Inspinknity blocking wires

Inspinknity blocking wires now in stock again.  Inspinknity have developed different blocking wires for lace and regular knitted projects.

The Ultra Fine wires are perfect for your lace projects. Light and delicate, yet incredibly strong and flexible, these wires are ideal for scalloped, curvy or straight edges and for fine lace knitting.

The Premium wires are your go-to wire for all of your knitting, except perhaps your lightweight lace. Super flexible and strong, you can use premium wires for blocking sweater pieces, scarves, and fingering weight shawls. You will be amazed at what these wires can do!


Lace Blocking Wires – new shipment

Thursday, January 17th, 2013
Lace Blocking wires

Lace Blocking wires

The lace blocking wires have finally arrived.  These ultra fine wires are extremely flexible for your curvy lace edges.  Made from an amazingly flexible wire with memory, they will not rust, corrode, tarnish or kink easily.  Can be used for scalloped edges as well as straight edges.  Arch and curve them as you wish – they will return to straight.


Amazingly flexible Lace Blocking Wires

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Super long gold ultra fine blocking wires

These ultra fine wires stand apart from anything else on the market today.  They are perfect for your fine lace projects - light and delicate, yet incredibly strong and flexible. They are ideal for scalloped or curvy or straight edges.  Made from a super-elastic wire with seemingly magical flexibility, they will not rust, tarnish, corrode, or easily kink. They will not stain your knitting, and will last for many years.  You can arch and curve these wires as you need, and they will always return to straight. This special property allows these wires to be used over and over again without weakening from repeated bending and straightening.  Most of them come in gold, silver or pewter tone.

Also arrived today is a big stock of nickle-plated T-pins