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My version of the Modern Quilt Wrap (Mags Kandis)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

is a scarf because I used Garnstudio Alpaca (I had about 26 colours to choose from) and 3mm needles and I’m now wondering if I should add another line of patches to the side to make it a wrap. Or make it longer to make it more of a scarf. Or both. It now measures 106cm X 26cm (42″ X 10″) and consists of 36 patches. I started off with 450g and still have a little over 200g left now that I am nearly finished the last patch. I think I’ll add another 12 patches along the side and then just keep adding to the length until I run out of wool. I have decided not to edge it as I like the slightly raggedy look, even if not intentional!!

Some new Garnstudio goodies just in …

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Delighted to announce some new yarns and fabulous new colours in existing yarns. New in is Angora Tweed, 30% angora and 70% merinowool, knitted on 4mm needles. This is well supported by free patterns. Also we’ve got some new colours in the Alpaca, Eskimo, Merino and the really luxurious Silke-Alpaca.

In the next few days, we’re expecting even more colours in existing yarns, including some great value linen at only €5.15 for 50g (120m).

And for the first time, there will be some Garnstudio buttons (above). Hope you like them!